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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Crazy side of Hostels, and oh, Public Toilets, too!

The Crazy Side of Hostels and Public Toilets!

The only sure thing about staying in a hostel is the budget price! I have had a complete metamorphasis in my attitude about staying in one. Initially, I was apprehensive, especially about staying in a coed dorm room; but, now I enjoy it all - from great conversations to interesting people to go-with-the-flow attitudes! The first hostel I stayed at in Slovenia was nice and clean and had two incredibly helpful managers. I did walk in on a 20-something Dutch couple in a slightly compromising situation and I took showers at 6am to avoid meeting anyone in the community showers!  Other hostels I have stayed in have been very minimalist...and no evidence of bedbugs or dirty linens or any of the horror stories you sometimes hear about in the States.

My last two hostel stays have been in Florence at the Eurostudent Home, just off Piazza Republica. The facilities are a little run down, but Mike Tyson ! and staff more than make up for that.  The $13 euro a night can't be beat either.

When my friend and I checked in, they were hesitant to let me stay - I was over the 35 year old age limit (common in most hostels). But my three 21 yr-old friends vouched for me and I promised not not have any issues with ages, partyers, showers, or surprises! And we had a blast! We saw a great band at BePops and stayed up late with some fun Canadians! Hi to Mike, Carson, Brook, Chris and Mike Tyson! Thanks for the fun, crazy antics.  And to my new Chinese friends, thanks for enlightening me and teaching me about Chinese culture. 

As for public toilets all over Europe...almost all bathrooms cost .40 to 1.00 euro just to enter.  It is hard to get used to toilets with no seats, the lack of toilet paper, co-ed, bathrooms, etc.  But roughin it, just gives you more of an appreciation for all the great things we have in the U.S..  Yes, we definetely are spoiled!

Buying a train ticket at an older machine

A nicer, cleaner bathroom - About 1.50 USD

Canadian friends, Mike T, MK and Veronika

My Chinese friends - Xu Xin and Sheng Jiankun

Funny, funny story - too hard to explain!

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